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Lose Weight after Pregnancy – Select the Best Exercise at the Right Timing for Best Result

Lose weight after pregnancy cannot be rushed; that is the number one rule if you want to lose weight after giving birth. No matter how eager you want to return to the old sexy you, putting another stress on your body by dieting after nine month pregnancy is totally out of the question and will only harm you in the long run. 

However, it is also important not to PROLONG it too much. Six to eight month is ideal time span to regain your weight back. Statistics show that if you keep it more than a year, it will be even harder to lose it. You can start with mild exercises for the first three months, and then increase it when you start dieting. These are some exercises you can do:

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1. Put your little one in a stroller and have he/she accompanies you walking around the neighborhood. It is a simple yet effective method to start exercising after giving birth.

2. Kegel exercise is another alternative which you can do within first month after delivery. It is consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.

3. You can also practice Yoga while at home. It is mild exercise and you can do it while watching your newborn baby.

4. After three months and your body has started to recover, light jog or treadmill session are good alternatives to complement your diet. Pay attention to the duration and distance so you are not overexert yourself. Also remember not to start your diet before three months passed.

5. After pregnant or not, aerobic exercises are still one of the best ways to lose weight. Choose an aerobic exercise of your choice; it can be stair climbing, cycling, treadmill, swimming, water aerobic, or any other as long as it involves oxygen consumption by your body. Have a session of aerobic exercises at minimum three times a week, 40 minutes for each session.

6. Adding weight training session is a good idea; the portion may vary for each person's condition, so having a trainer who understands your condition is necessary. Joining a gym is one alternative to do it right.

Depend on your condition and circumstances, sometimes you can start dieting in six weeks after delivery. Just remember to consult everything with your doctor since he/she knows your exact condition and what you are capable of.

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